Black Panther is racist


Big woop for some idiot people, black panter is racist. It is the equivalent of KKK in USA.


Black pather party was a marxist movement involved in criminal avtivity back in the days. Much like BLM (black lives matter) today. And show resemblence to Antifags. But Black Panthers where not fags.

These niggers use to shot cops and back then police didn’t take that sort of crap from a bunch of niggers. So they shot them back. As for today, the police are doing nothing to stop these sort of marxist dumb down ideologies.


According to David Horovitz and former member of the grouo they are not only stupid nigger sect members but also murdurers as the BPM (black panter movement) even killed their own members Alex Rackey and Betty Van Patter. Pathetic.

Bobby Seale Admits: Black Panthers Were Criminals & Murderers


Anyone watching the new movie must realise that this is nothing but marxist socialistic propaganda. It’s barely a film. It’s like me showing a film of Hitler where he wins. Or a movie where KKK-members are super heroes its pathetic and lame. They didn’t even kill or beat any white people in the movie. Worthless niggers!


Now I expect to see a movie where Hitler and KKK cooperate to haunt and kill all nigglets and niggerousaurous in an epic preformance in a fauna of Tropicsl Djungle where there are black shadows to be found everywhere and every little black faced character will gain you +5 life point and -5 stolen bike. I dont want some lame movie like BP, where all they do is run around and scream “white powah, white powah”, or like these idiot niggers “do you knoe da wae? My peeble! Do ya no da wey? My princess!”.


If you gonna be racist and make a fool of yourself, at least be honest about it.

I am 100% racist. See? Was that so hard nigger? Now say after me: “im a stupid nigger and i hate white people for no rational reason so that makes me…? That’s right a niggeracist”!

SJWs (social justice warriors) are racist to, but to their own race, you might just call them mentally ill faggots tho, that’s a lill more effective and hurts their pathetic little hearts.

I hate niggers for rational reasons. You are statitically more likely to rape and rob me. Plus you are aggressive cunts. You’ve already thought of hitting me for using the nigger-word haven’t you? And if you’re SJW you probably what it too since you are to weak to hit anyone! xD cuck fag are so pathetic and lame you feel the need to hurt others for no reason weirdo. Unciviliced and dumb. Hitler was right. Proves my point exactly.


I wait pantiently for Islam to rise in the west so atleast we can burn some fags. But the niggers prace islam so i guess we wont be sble to burn them. On the bright side they will burn each other without any help so that’s positive! What are morons for right?

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